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R-Ladies is a world-wide organization to promote gender diversity in the R community.

Upcoming Events

Our next event (Mine Çetinkaya-Runde introducing the tidyverse framework) will be held on December 3rd 2019 → see meetup page for more informations.

R-Ladies Global

The mission of R-Ladies is to achieve proportionate representation of genders currently underrepresented in the R community by encouraging, inspiring, and empowering them.

R-Ladies Global provides support to local (and remote) chapters that exist around the world.


Chapters are somewhat similar to R-user groups.

There are plenty of chapters around the world, listed here.

There is also an app that lists the current meetups and a map that shows the evolution over time.

Find material on other chapters meetups at this github repository (search for repositories named meetup-presentations_TOWN).


There is also an R-Ladies Remote chapter for people that either work remotely, or have no local chapter nearby.

R-Ladies Lausanne

The chapter in Lausanne was founded in November 2017.

We are currently two organisers (if you’d like to help - drop us a line!)

Inactive organizers are Sina Rüeger , Andrea Komljenovic and Sarvenaz Choobdar .

Picture from our first meetup in February.
All participants and organisers from our first meetup in February 2018.


You can contact us via lausanne@rladies.org.

Stay up to date


We are supported by R-Ladies Global and the R-consortium.

Code of Conduct

We follow the Code of Conduct and encourage participants to read Rules & Guidelines of R-Ladies.


R-Ladies lives through its participants. We always need speakers for meetups! Please get in touch with us at lausanne@rladies.org. Find more details to speaking here.